Keith's Life


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Keith Warren Petition Site:

Ladies and Gents,

I encourage you to visit the link below and sign the petition below for Keith. Sherri is really working hard to get this case back out in the public eye and moving again, but sadly, the state of Maryland doesn't want to listen to her anymore, so it's up to US to help her with that.

That's right, plain, everyday people like you and me, to sign this petition and show the state of Maryland that Keith's life WAS worth so much more than a 5 o'clock evening news spread with a local reporter. His death was incorrectly ruled a suicide and that's more than just a typo, that's ILLEGAL.


Do this for her, do it for KEITH.



  1. Hello Sherri- I havent heard from you in a long time and I hope everything is going well for you and your family. It's good to see that there has been some progress in the case with the affadavit and the petition, which I have signed. I want to let you know that I still follow the blog and ask others to check it out for themselves. What I really like about the petition is that the people who signed it come from different countries like Poland, Australia, and Spain. I contacted shows like 48 Mystery and Dateline on ID. I havent recieved a response back, so I will contact them again soon.

  2. Thank you ENJohnson I really appreciate your time and energy. Please continue to spread the word and the link. Whether one person or 1million sign up every voice counts. I cannot fight this fight alone. I need people like you and those who have signed the petition from all over the world. Your support give me strength.

  3. I am glad to see that you communicate with people on youtube. I cant remember if I asked you this before, but did Keith have friends whose parents were in law enforcement? Do you think it is possible one of those parents didnt like Keith, a young black male dating there daughter? And other than the time Keith got into a fight with Mark where there any other fights or confrontations at his school? Thinking back on it now could Keith have had other enemies?

  4. I not sure but I believe that he did have friend's who had parents connected to law enforcement. At this point Im not ruling out any possibilities as to what happen. Im more focused on what happen after his death. I honestly dont believe that we will find out the ones who took his life but we will find out why local law enforcement wanted it to go away.

  5. I think it would be a good idea to bring back hot tips. It might get a discussion started.

  6. Sure... I will discuss with admin of the page. One good point is that there was no broken bones in Keith's neck.

  7. If someone were to commit suicide by hanging, especially if the person was hanging for a long time are the bones in the neck usually broken?

  8. Is the blog active anymore? Or are there other sites about keith that I can go to?